With a strong background in the medical industry, Bloom Healthcare Limited is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare solutions in Juba, South Sudan. Our expertise in pharma and medical supplies, digital health, medical tourism, health insurance, and healthcare consulting sets us apart in the industry.

Our Background

About Us

Experience and Dedication

Established in 2010


Providing Excellent Healthcare


Improving Health and Well-being

Our Projects

medical professionals working
medical professionals working

Current Initiatives

We are currently working on a project to improve access to healthcare in rural areas by establishing mobile clinics. Our team is also developing a telemedicine platform to connect patients with doctors remotely, ensuring healthcare services are easily accessible to all.


Upcoming Projects

In the near future, we plan to expand our medical tourism services by partnering with international hospitals and clinics. This will provide our clients with the opportunity to receive specialized treatments and procedures abroad, while enjoying high-quality healthcare services.

white paper roll on white table
white paper roll on white table

Completed Projects

We have successfully implemented a digital health platform that allows patients to book appointments, access their medical records, and receive personalized health recommendations. This has greatly improved the efficiency and convenience of healthcare services for our clients.